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Chronicle Endorsements: Austin City Council

Five districts up for grabs

District 10: Alison Alter

We find the race between incumbent Sheri Gallo and parks advocate Alison Alter more a question of emphasis than anything else. Gallo, a real estate broker, distinguished herself as the most pragmatic of the conservative trio elected to Council in 2014 and deserves credit for that. Alter, a philanthropic advisor with a Ph.D., offers the more progressive background and a number of endorsements from Democratic clubs. While we agree with Gallo that her two years of experience would benefit a second term, there is no doubt that Alter would be the more progressive voice on environmental issues. Her time on the Parks and Recreation Board (from which she was released, by Gallo, after announcing her bid for Council) and earlier work on the Ramsey Park renovation plan both show that. It’s also worth noting that both candidates support the 20% homestead exemption that hamstrung Council’s FY 2017 budget proceedings. That’s certain to please the homeowners in District 10, but we saw this summer how challenging it was for Gallo and her colleagues to crunch numbers, and Alter didn’t say anything to persuade us she would’ve fared much better. The fundamental difference between the two lies in approach to the city’s explosive growth. Alter’s bulldog efforts to hold developers accountable will best serve her district.


Candidate Forums – Austin City Council

LWV Forums-1001

Below is the schedule of Candidate Forums for the 2016 Austin 10-ONE City Council.  ( …full page)


… District 10 Candidate Forum   September 20, 2016

6:00 p.m.  Jewish Community Center   7300 Hart Ln, Austin, TX 78731



Austin Monitor

Austin Monitor Radio: Alison Alter

Monday, October 3, 2016 by Michael Kanin

City Council District 10 candidate Alison Alter joins Austin Monitor publisher Mike Kanin to talk about her campaign. Post is embedded below: ( …full page)

This is an email that was sent to the Austin City Council on September 20th 2016.

Grove Does Not Yet Merit a PUD


Dear Council Members,
My name is Alison Alter and I live in Rosedale. I am a former member of the Parks and Recreation Board representing District 10. Starting in my capacity as a PARB member, I have been actively involved in improving the Grove PUD for over a year.
I would like to underscore that the purpose of a Planned Unit Development is to achieve a development that is superior to what we could achieve under conventional zoning. Ultimately, it falls to the Council to decide whether or not a specific proposed development provides enough community benefits to merit the extraordinary zoning privileges and variances requested. I encourage you to find that as currently presented the proposed Grove at Shoal Creek PUD does not merit the granting of a PUD.
Since before the state auctioned off the land at Bull Creek and 45th, the surrounding communities had identified three issues most important to them: traffic mitigation, flooding/drainage control, and parkland access. I fail to see how adding roughly 20,000 trips to a neighborhood feeder road or choosing between two drainage solutions that simply meet the minimum zoning agreements results in a superior project. PARD and the Parks Board both declared the proposed parkland not superior.
In addition, the neighborhood has advocated for more residential development and welcomed more affordable housing. We are now down to a proposed 87 affordable units, with anticipated fee waivers of $5-8 million.
I am a former professor and in my experience a D is not a superior grade. We can and need to set our sights higher. The choice before you sets a precedent not just for the Grove but for all future state land that passes hands as well as for other PUDs.
Thank you for your service and for seriously considering the shortcomings of this application as presented.
Regards, Alison Alter, Ph.D.


Council Candidate Forced out of Parks Board

Alison Alter was appointed by opponent Sheri Gallo nearly two years ago

In an unusual move, District 10 Council Member Sheri Gallo has ousted her appointee, Alison Alter, as a member of the Parks and Recreation Board. The removal comes after Alter refused Gallo’s request that she resign from her post since she is challenging Gallo for her council seat.

Alter said Gallo informed her Wednesday via email that she would be removed from her appointment and replaced by former PARB member Susan Roth, a move Council approved on consent as per city code at Thursday’s meeting. According to Alter – and confirmed by Gallo’s office – she was unseated because Gallo views her candidacy for the District 10 office as a conflict of interest. “From my point of view, neither my commitment nor my ability to fulfill my responsibilities on the Parks board changed when I decided to declare my candidacy,” Alter said.  ( …read more)

Statesman covers Alison Alter

Council removes Sheri Gallo’s political rival from Austin parks board

By Nolan Hicks – American-Statesman Staff – Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016

The Austin City Council approved Council Member Sheri Gallo’s wish to yank her main political challenger — and own appointee — from the Parks and Recreation Board, in a move described by one parks board member as “ward politics.”

The council acted Thursday on Gallo’s request to unseat Alison Alter, who had recently declared her intention to challenge Gallo for the District 10 seat in West Austin. The unanimous vote came with no discussion, as part of the council’s bulk approval of more than two dozen usually uncontroversial items.  ( …read more)



Parks Board Member Challenges Sheri Gallo

Alison Alter says she will advocate for neighbors – not developers


Last week, Sheri Gallo drew a challenger in the City Council race for her District 10 seat: Alison Alter, the district’s representative on the Parks and Recreation Board. Alter, who was appointed by Gallo last July, said she was recruited to run by residents who’ve expressed disappointment with the CM’s leadership over the last two years.

Alter bills herself as a “fresh voice” for the district and the city of Austin. She said that, though her campaign’s still shaping up, she plans to focus on parks, zoning, development, and affordability as main priorities. Above all, Alter said she will advocate for the neighborhood and not developer interests. “We have to really be trying to find solutions, not just trying to make a buck,” said Alter.  ( …read more)


Statesman covers Alison Alter

Community news: More challengers join Austin City Council races

By Nolan Hicks – American-Statesman staff – Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More challengers join council races

With the filing deadline still a month away, three more challengers have announced their bids for City Council seats in November.

Alison Alter, a former University of Texas executive and member of the city’s parks board, has filed to run in West Austin’s District 10 against Council Member Sheri Gallo, the Austin Monitor first reported. ( …read more)



Statesman covers Alison Alter

Challengers emerge for two more Austin City Council members

With the filing deadline still a month away, at least one challenger has filed to run against each of the City Council members up for re-election this November.

Alison Alter, a former University of Texas executive and member of the city’s parks board, is the most recent to throw her hat into the ring, the Austin Monitor first reported, filing to run in West Austin’s District 10 against Council Member Sheri Gallo.

The Harvard and Stanford grad previously oversaw UT’s Global Initiative for Education and Leadership and currently runs her own philanthropy consultation firm. Alter told the American-Statesman she’s jumping into the race because she believes Gallo is ignoring the needs and concerns of existing neighborhoods and is too pro-developer. ( …read more)



Alison Alter for Austin City Council District 10

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