Make City Hall Work for all of us!


Alison with her husband, U.T. Professor Jeremi Suri, and their children Natalie and Zachary.


My Pledge to You:


Represent You at the City of Austin:

I will represent you and be your voice. I won’t allow special interests to write the rules and tie the city in knots

Make City Hall Work for You:

I will hold City Hall accountable to you, my constituents, and to all our citizens and improve transparency and ensure your participation.

Manage Growth:

I will make growth pay for itself and negotiate from our position of strength. Traffic and high taxes are a result of growth not paying for itself.

Keep Austin Beautiful:

I will fight for more parks and green space and protect our environment and quality of life.

Invest in Education:

I advocate for the reform of state funding formulas to keep a bigger share of our local school dollars. I will champion out of school time and early childhood services. 

Get Austin Moving:  

I will actively support cost effective transportation solutions that improve mobility in Austin. Traffic snarls diminish our quality of life, degrade our environment and cost us time and money.


Alison Alter for Austin City Council District 10

Help us elect Alison Alter for Austin City Council District 10. Get involved today.